• Civil Law . Employment Law . Wrongful Dismissal

Civil Law . Employment Law . Wrongful Dismissal

Are you locked in a civil litigation case involving a business partner, a landlord or tenant, contractor, or fighting a personal injuries claim?

Whatever the dispute, from estates to collection matters, contract disputes or property damage, your job is to care for yourself, while we take care of your case.

Our best course of action in civil litigation cases is to work towards a reasonable monetary settlement of the dispute; allowing you to avoid potentially large legal fees, and be freed from any unnecessary financial and emotional burdens, as soon as possible.

If your case simply can’t be resolved with a fair negotiation, we have the necessary experience and expertise to see the matter through to trial, in a timely, personalized and professional way.

Ready to resolve your civil case with speed and success?
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William Fader, and Pritina Bhavsar.