• Divorce . Family Law

Divorce . Family Law

The ending of a marriage or common-law relationship can be a traumatic, devastating and life changing experience.

No one comes through the process unscathed. No matter what the cause, a failed relationship can raise a host of important questions and you deserve clear answers and a measure of certainty for your future and the future of your children.

We can help you navigate this complex and difficult process in a comprehensive and compassionate way. Here’s how:

    • A free phone call to discuss your case and advise you on the immediate course of action
    • An easy to understand retainer letter in the event that you hire us, with no surprise fees
    • Estimates of fees at every stage of your case are provided whether we are working toward a negotiated settlement agreement, or engaging in the court process
    • We promptly return your calls within one business day
    • We clearly explain your rights and responsibilities and give you practical advice for real solutions

You deserve to be treated fairly and with respect through this very difficult life transition.

Our team is ready to help:

Daniel Furlan,
Sherri Moss,
Corrine van der Burg,
Pritina Bhavsar and
Kimberly Jagula.